About Spectrum Diagnostics

The Egyptian Company for Biotechnology with the brand name "Spectrum Diagnostics" is specialized in development, manufacturing and marketing top quality IVD.

Spectrum Diagnostics team succeeded to position it as one of the leading manufacturers of chemical diagnostics around the globe.

Our Values

Spectrum Diagnostics is fully independent and with the contribution of our skilful, hard-working and aggressively researching R&D team, our unique MiCroStab® mix has been formulated. It gives the liquid chemistry reagents the maximum affordable stability which enhances linearity, reproducibility, reliability and sensitivity.

Our Mission

Spectrum Diagnostics provides unparalleled services and support to customers all over the world, commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction assures successful results. Spectrum Diagnostics also committed to design special formulations according to customer requirements.

Our Vision

  • To position Spectrum Diagnostics as one of the leading manufacturers of IVD Products in Egypt, Africa and Middle East.
  • Create Value for patients, staff and distributors.
  • To earn the respect and trust of our customers worldwide by continuously finding better solutions across all aspects of our products includes:
    1. Clinical chemistry
    2. Complete line of turbid metric assay kits
    3. Coagulation
    4. Serology
    5. Infectious diseases
    6. Blood grouping reagent
    7. Urine strips and rapid test
    8. Fully automatic chemistry analyzer 120 test per hour
    9. Semi auto chemistry analyzer
    10. Twin-C (HBA1c Analyzer)
    11. Twin-D (Vit-D Analyzer)
    12. Twin-2 (Na/K Analyzer)
    13. Twin-1 (HB/Bil Analyzer)
    14. And ...... more